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Sunshine Coast Roof Screw Replacement

Overtime due to weather and air conditions roof screws can become corroded, this not only affecting the appearance of your roof but can lead to costly damage to your property. When roof screws become corroded it can cause them to weaken, this affecting their performance and strength. When corrosion is present the seal may be compromised this may cause your roof to leak. Rust from the head of the roof screw can run down onto the roof sheet and overtime this can develop into a rust hole in the roof sheet. By having a roof screw replacement completed on your roof, you could add years to the life of the roof.

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What causes roof screws to become corroded?

  • Sea Air, salt particles are formed from sea spray
  • Acids/Chemicals carried through the air
  • U.V from the sun
  • Humidity

Roof screws are generally overlooked , and they are something that is not commonly checked. A lot of the time it is left too late and then the roofing iron has to be replaced. Roof maintenance is very important, we would recommend to have your roof screws checked around every 5 years, as this will ensure that you keep on top of the problem of your roofing iron being affected by rusty screws.

Corrosion is usually associated with metals such as steel, zinc and aluminium, which are refined from ore. When air, water or salt are present, these metals will quickly corrode leaving rusty screws. Oxygen will cause oxides to form, resulting in corrosion, and therefore causing the metal to eventually be turned back into the ores from which they originated. Living in a coastal area roof screws can become corroded faster due to the conditions. it is important to ensure your roof screws are in a good condition and ensure your roof maintenance is in check.

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Having a roof screw replacement completed will cost a lot less than if they are left and damage occurs leading to having to replace the roof sheets.

What we do?

  • Our team will get up and inspect your roof, checking over the roof screws
  • Check roof screw condition, check for any rusty screws, inspect the seals
  • Check for any rust spots, holes or areas of weakness
  • We will provide a FREE quote to replace roof screws
  • We will provide a verbal report of the roof condition and advise any roof maintenance

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Our team are highly trained and experienced in this area, holding the relevant certificates and insurance to perform this work. we comply with all safety regulations.

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